My Inner Misogynists

I never complicate it
Simply approach with common courtesy
If I took account of it all
It seems just like a blur to me
If asked about the past
They’ll be informed of no significance
All not guilty of actual crimes
All have no innocence
A smirk to cover the frown
Long blink to stop the drown
Tears dammed over the years
Are barred from falling down
Reaching arms for hugs get rejected
Can’t do a thing besides recline
Best to recede from the band
Like Lebron James hairline
I express frustration because
What I saw coming came and went
Whoever ends up with her in the end
Is truly a saint among men
Maybe next time I’ll give the
Approach a switch
Call her a bitch
Backhand her with my fist
Send her to the kitchen
To make me a dish
Of fish and grits
And treat her like shit
Call the slut whore a twat
Beat her til she’s in knots
And counter every resistance she gives me with
The threatening of the execution of a murder plot
That’s an exaggeration
But I see it in other guys
Trapped by denial, pressure, and lies
So far gone they can’t see their so called Junior
Doesn’t have the same eyes
They’ll keep the number of lies low
But the truth will hit you with a higher impact
You forgot to put the seat down
She let her boss hit from the back
And in the mitts
Of hearing about her trist
You can’t help but wish
That you knew what she had done
With her mouth before you’d kiss
I gave you a sample of Pandora’s Box
You’re lost starring at the petri-dish
Dig deep nice guy, we’ve all got it
It exists
I just displayed mine for you
My inner misogynst